Our Eggs Cook in the Financial,
Medical, Legal, Event, Military,
and Agribusiness Industries.

Strategy, Analytics, and
Leads by Invitation Only.

What Vicious Chicken helps you do.


Transition visitors into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into partners.


Target well-qualified candidates more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage big data, machine learning, and predictive algorithms that automate change.


Understand where you are, need to be, and the milestones required to bridge the gap.


Identify your critical path to meet and exceed targets for goal achievement.


Listen, realize, and provide solutions for the challenges of your online audience.

Who we do it for.

Our industry focus is sharp and specialized. We work by invitation only and don’t expect, accept, or entertain offers to the contrary.

Medical Practitioners

Vicious Chicken – Portfolio – Construction Syndicates

Construction Syndicates

Military Contractors

Financial Professionals

Agribusiness Entities

Legal Conglomerates

Event Organizers

How we do it.

Our process of delivery is light on discussion, heavy on wrench, and includes adequate amounts of strategy / measurement on the front and back end of every engagement.


Dream it.

Think about it, talk about it, and define it. But only as long as you fit within our parameters of “Dream Time” because we’re more interested in making things happen.


Prove it.

Measure it, test it, and monitor it. Creating models immediately that define good or bad / happy or sad facilitate an environment based upon numbers and not emotions.


Do it.

JUST BUILD IT. Nothing supersedes wrench time in our eyes. Layers of discussion / approval do nothing more than justify the position of the people requiring such overhead.


Improve it.

It’s implemented and effective … now make it better. Our UVP is that we never stop challenging the status quo and continuously beat yesterday’s numbers and that’s how we roll.

Why we do it.

Because sometimes a “BARBARIC YAWP” is exactly what’s needed … that loud … and right now!

The Cluck Stops Here!

Our purview recognizes potential and pitfalls derived from focusing upon yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Many firms survive on perception when reality isn’t within their best interest.

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!” Tyler Durden, Fight Club – Circa 1999

Advertising / Digital Marketing Firms attempt to present themselves as chickens, but too often the realized value falls short and over promised results collide with under delivery.

Cycling through clients due to ineffectiveness is a common business model, but we don’t agree because keeping clients is 323.74% more efficient, effective, and profitable for our firm and also our clients.

Competitor Envy

We do things faster, better, and cheaper.

  • Unique: We’re different because we embrace the collective sharing of business intelligence across multiple geographic areas between similar professionals.
  • Efficient: Partners in a co-op share the benefits and savings from: strategic, tactical, and operational activities that were previously an individual’s burden.
  • Effective: Imagine being 40x faster, smarter, and better combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data that large companies enjoy.

Self-Assigned Grades

Delivering Leads
Chicken Manners
Customer Empathy
Rooster Moxy
Unassisted Flight
Technology Chops

Questions? Maybe Poultry is Your Answer.

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