Unmasking Hackers


Unmasking Hackers

3,433,815 Victims Uncovered



Why Suffer So Hackers Thrive?

Many sites are being used by hackers stealing ability to rank in Search Engines, spreading malware, and compromising information. We’ve discovered 80,000+ Villains (hacking sites) who are manipulating 3,433,815+ Victim (hacked sites) sites so we reverse-engineered these hacks to understand: Villains, Victims, and how to correct the madness. Stop parasites from taking advantage of you and your site today.

We Fix Hacks

Victim sites can be corrected from exploits in 6 Hrs or less (on average) and enjoy unlimited hack resolution.

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You‘re Hacked so What’s Next?

You shouldn’t spend too much time considering the why, who, and where your site was hacked, but more importantly what you need to do to is continue operating your business. Why stress about problems you’ll never understand (unless you have about 4 PhDs) when we can take that burden off your plate?


Reasons sites exploited include: money, activism, ego, chaos, revenge, and data theft.


Understanding “Why” narrows the list of culpable entities responsible for your site’s hack.


Hackers can target single or global elements, but both used a compromised security doorway.

Who are Victims?

We define Victim sites as suffering from external links being embedded on their site by others to manipulate Search Engine algorithms. Using machine learning / AI (Artificial Intelligence) our algorithms follow, understand, and predict Villain activity towards Victims on multiple dimensions concurrently.


Sites Monitored

Number of tracked Victim sites being compromised by Villains.


Average Stolen Links

Average number of embedded links by Villains on unsuspecting Victim sites.

125 : 1

Hacks vs. Site Page Ratio

Ratio between stolen links by Villains and Victim site pages.

How Do We Find Hacks?

Our approach to this problem is inverse to common practice, starts from the source of the problem being Villains, and constantly improves using machine learning / AI (Artificial Intelligence) to increase our identification of Victims and Villains (and all while we sleep).


Every Villain unsuspectingly provides our algorithm with data to find similar sites (their friends).


We prioritize behavior based upon Victim value to understand Villain intent on multiple dimensions.


Monitoring new sites hacked vs. cleaned sites gives our algorithms insights to Villains.

Who are Villains?

We define Villain sites as those who manipulate Search Engine algorithms by placing links on exploited sites. Initially, we started with 4,000 Villain sites, created algorithms to find common behavior, and currently discover new Villains at an exponential rate of growth.


Sites Monitored

Number of tracked Villain sites compromising Victims.


Average Stolen Victim Links

Average number of links pointing towards each Villain at the cost of Victim sites.

9 : 1

New vs. Fixed Hacked Link Ratio

Ratio between newly hacked and fixed links by Villains on Victim sites.

Can You Fix My Hacked Site?

We’ve partnered with the top cyber security firms in the industry to clean your site, monitor for future issues, and keep your site from the trouble it’s currently experiencing. Usually, within 6 hours your site will be separated from the filth it’s currently sharing with the entities using your site for their own endeavors.

Verify Problems

We provide samples of exploited site areas being compromised before we engage.

Compare Options

Our process defines the timing, cost, and guarantee for every aspect of our services.

Execute Solutions

Secure the exploited areas on your site today. Our team can rectify your situation in 2 Hrs on average.

Still Not Happy?

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