Marketing SHOULD NEVER just taste like chicken.


Marketing SHOULD NEVER taste like chicken.


If you’re looking for a different type of digital marketing firm then we might be your huckleberry. We’re extremely small, think like a navy seals team of operators that bring extreme proficiency within their area of focus, while the team leader has experience across all facets.

  • Engaged: Our team focuses upon the areas of digital marketing that bring the most flavor to your online presence, while also delivering upon your targeted level of heat with razor-sharp precision.
  • Talented: Regardless of the quality of meat, our team has the talent to prepare and cook your tasty treats in a way that ensures a top-quality experience while your customers consume your meat (or digital presence).
  • Focused: We can deliver a meal that satisfies in relation to your budget. Translation: no matter what your budget is we can bring value or deliver a top-tier return on your investment.


If your challenges are due to competitive environments, needing multifaceted expertise, or just plain scary problems no one else can either solve or wants to attempt … then we might be a good match.

  • Critical: We’re a waste of your money, our interest, and the opportunity cost for both parties unless you need to win a gunfight by actually only using a knife.
  • Multifaceted: We target projects that beg for talent across multiple dimensions concurrently and benefit the most when the captain of the ship possesses the ability to communicate to clients and team members across targeted project needs.
  • Competitive: We gravitate towards solving the most difficult problem available because it feeds our team’s appetite for challenge, helps us grow, and represents a risk/reward situation deemed uncomfortable by other firms.


Concurrent running, flying, and pecking proficiency is shared by every single member of our team. We don’t utilize assembly line efficiencies, because each of our clients represents a unique challenge/opportunity matrix, which makes us a bad a** chicken you don’t want to scrap with.

  • Business: Our team members play competitive chess for money as fun outside of work. And, we apply similar risk/reward, cost/value, and challenge/opportunity logic in our professional endeavors. 
  • People: We still hear the voices in our own heads, yet learned to not answer their questions anymore. Instead, we communicate with your customers using data trends, site analytics, and conversion optimization. And, occasionally we wear skinsuits of our client’s customers, but only on Mondays.
  • Technology: We’ve forgotten more about web-based technology than most teams will ever know. While there are only 8 teams in the world like us, we’re comfortable in revealing that we just keep changing clients, but only to keep a low profile.


Most of our blood, sweat, and tears is enjoyed by our own products and performance-based partnerships. Consulting projects represent a competing rooster in the hen house of our other efforts, but if you’re ready to go claw-to-claw our cock is ready to rumble.

  • Products: 30% of our team’s focus is building, maintaining, and delivering proprietary products that service everyone from cops to hookers, across areas including cybersecurity, forensic SEO analysis, and dating profile optimization.
  • Partnerships: 50% of our projects are structured with a profit-sharing format where performance drives our compensation. We also participate in affiliate networks and Google AdSense with sites we own and monetize through partnerships.
  • Consulting: 20% of our time is working with clients to enhance their digital presence using a balanced focus upon technology, people, and business activities. We only accept client engagements that meet strict requirements, usually by invitation only and within an environment that empowers our talent.


4 + 1 = ?


Reach out to us if you’re looking for a different type of team that delivers upon the following scenarios.

Flavor: Your project needs are critical, multifaceted, and competitive.

Method: You need to balance business, people, and technology concurrently.

Service: You reside within our partnerships, products, and consulting focuses.

Get a running start, flap your wings, and do the funky chicken to set a distance record for unassisted flight.