What we help you do.


Identify your critical path to meet and exceed targets for goal achievement.


Understand where you are, need to be, and the milestones required to bridge the gap.

Online Presence

Listen, realize, and provide solutions for the challenges of your online audience.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage big data, machine learning, and predictive algorithms that automate change.

Digital Marketing

Target well-qualified candidates more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


Transition more visitors into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into partners.

How we do it.

Our process on delivering measurable success.

1. Dream it

 Think about it, talk about it, and define it.

2. Prove it

Measure it, test it, and monitor it.

3. Do it

 Stop thinking about it and just do it.

4. Improve it

It’s implemented and tested … now make it better.

Who we do it for.

Our industry focus is sharp and specialized.

Why not do it?

Engage with our team regarding questions, comments, or general hate mail. If providing the latter please be very colorful because our development doesn’t get too many laughs on a regular day.

Why we do it.

Because sometimes a “BARBARIC YAWP” is exactly what’s needed, this loud, and right now.

Ignore all agency messaging moving forward!

Our digital marketing purview recognizes potential and pitfalls derived from focusing upon yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Many agencies survive on perception when reality isn’t within they’re best interest. Understanding performance requires separating fact from fiction and focusing upon what matters for your success online.

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!” Tyler Durden, Fight Club – Circa 1999

Many agencies attempt to present themselves as chickens, as the quote above eloquently describes, but too often the realized value by clients falls short and over promising meets under delivery, which reveals the feather that attempted to represent the chicken. Agencies cycle through clients at an amazing rate, but we don’t because keeping clients is 3x more efficient, effective, and profitable for our firm and also our clients.

Cool quotes!

These guys will help you win, win again, and then win some more. You’ll be so tired of winning. Believe me.

D. Trump
Real Estate

Did you say vicious chicken mate? I know those blokes and you tell them to go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here. Hahahaha.

O. Osbourne

If you’ve gotten this far, you know we’re only joking. Featuring solicited, usually prewriten, and glowing quotes from customers isn’t our thing. We’d prefer to show you the numbers if facts vs. fluff would interest you.

Fictional Crime Fighter

Competitor envy

We do things faster, better, and cheaper.

  • Unique: We’re different because we embrace the collective sharing of business intelligence across multiple geographic areas between similar professionals.
  • Efficient: Partners in a co-op share the benefits and savings from: strategic, tactical, and operational activities that were previously an individual burden.
  • Effective: Imagine being 40x faster, smarter, and better combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data that large companies enjoy.

Self-Assigned grades

  • Rooster Moxy

  • Chicken Manners

  • Delivering Leads

  • Customer Empathy

  • Technology Chops