We have a facet of our organization that: follows shady individuals that prey upon compromised websites, groups operators (scum) based upon patterns of exploitation, and prioritizes sites being gamed (hacked) collectively by the operators (scum).

Our algorithms prioritize alerts / highlights based upon: risk, history, depth, and frequency of exploits. We strongly believe that allowing thousands of links / advertisements to be embedded upon VERY REPUTABLE websites with the intention of promoting: prostitution, gambling, drugs, terrorism, viruses, etc. (and the list of topics representing “etc.” is less than favorable compared to the items mentioned) isn’t something that adds any value except for the operators (scum) who are are capitalizing upon hacked websites to enhance their own site.

Bottom line: We’re not very popular within this facet of our business and Attorney phone calls, letters, threats, and lawsuits represent a common vibration for our team, which is expected when you can’t keep your company website from promoting prostitution.

Just because we identify sites that are compromised, prioritize our alerts, and highlight organizations promoting questionable topics (only our opinion) doesn’t mean that we’ve violated a single law and multiple third-party sources including “the google”, “the bing”, “the yahoo”, and “the way back machine” mirror our publicly-accessed information of every site. If you don’t like what we’ve identified as resident content on your site, maybe you shouldn’t publicly present it upon your domain.

How P********.com linked 320,000+ Times to Scum

Imagine having a site with less than 800 pages of content and…