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Realize Danger

Risks – Cybersecurity Landscape

Understanding the impact from not correcting Cybersecurity concerns is important to review from a macro level for a better understanding of what your business could experience. When your online presence runs the risk of sharing any of the following: scenarios, statistics, or classifications considering Cybersecurity countermeasures is wise.

What’s Cost of Being Hacked?

Hacker theft of information including: customer, billing, or corporate data can quickly cost any / all organizations considerable resources to correct. Large, medium, and small organizations each have different levels of concern across multiple dimensions, but they all share a common goal when their site is hacked.


Small Businesses *


Small Business Closures *


Large Businesses *

Are Sites Hacked and Penalized Frequently?

The number of sites exploited daily and also blacklisted by search engines due to embedded malware, questionable linking characteristics, and malicious techniques aimed at manipulating search engine results grows exponentially due to the benefit derived from these exploits.


Sites Hacked Daily *


Sites Blacklisted Daily *

How Does Perception Change After a Hack?

Indirect damages incurred from a data breach can touch every facet of your organization’s ability to succeed, which was recently highlighted in a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, that reveals the depth of damage that can occur concurrently across customers, confidence, and your reputation.


Customers Lost


Confidence Lost


Reputation Lost

Do Hackers Cluck Around?

Software which allows hackers to efficiently, effectively, and quickly compromise your online presence is cheap, automated, and vicious on every front. The depth of techniques available to compromise sites is used by a collective group of users that: test, improve, and utilize the functionality within.


Ave. Hacker Software Cost


Vulnerabilities Targeted


Milliseconds per Hacked Link


Success Bypassing Captchas